QUID Token

The Ever-Growing
Liquidity Token

The ultimate SPL token

Introducing QUID Token

QUID is an SPL token, Solana’s equivalent of ERC-20. Its raison d’être is to be the most liquid digital asset on the Solana blockchain second only to SOL itself.

To achieve this end, all initial liquidity provided by the Quid Token Foundation (the “Foundation”) in any of QUID’s liquidity pools will be locked in perpetuity. In addition, all subsequent liquidity fees earned by the Foundation in USDC, SOL and any other non-QUID asset will continually be funnelled back into QUID’s liquidity pools. In essence, QUID’s liquidity will increase with every trade, whether QUID trades up, down, or sideways.

QUID’s perpetually increasing liquidity makes QUID an ideal store of value for hodlers and the ultimate utility and social token for devs looking to adopt a native currency for their DeFi and other decentralised projects.

QUID Token Properties


QUID is an SPL token based on the decentralised Solana blockchain. At launch, QUID will first be  swappable on Raydium.io, a decentralized finance protocol.

Fixed Supply

QUID has a fixed pre-mined supply of 8 billion tokens. Whilst tokens are capable of being burned, no more can ever be created.

Ever-Growing Liquidity

QUID’s liquidity pools are ever-growing and locked in perpetuity, where available. All liquidity fees earned in SOL, USDC, and any other non-QUID asset will remain and accumulate in QUID’s liquidity pools forever.


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QUID Updates

16 NOV 2021

CoinMarketCap listing

QUID/USDC price chart is now available for viewing on CoinMarketCap.

13 NOV 2021

CoinGecko listing

QUID/USDC price chart is now available for viewing on CoinGecko.

13 NOV 2021

Nomics listing

QUID/USDC price chart is now available for viewing on Nomics.

12 NOV 2021

Dexlab listing

QUID/USDC chart is now available for viewing on Dexlab.

12 NOV 2021

QUID officially launched!

QUID was launched today at approx. 12pm GMT. In the first 12 hours, the QUID Discord community grew to over 1,500 members, and continues to grow by the minute! A sincere thank you to all our early adopters! We’re in it for the long run, and look forward to reigning in perpetuity as the preeminent social token on the Solana blockchain!

10 NOV 2021

QUID in the news

“Several token standards have arisen…such as SPL token, Solana’s ERC-20 equivalent. A platform that uses this type of token is QUIDToken, which may become the second most liquid digital asset on the Solana blockchain after SOL.” – CryptoDaily.co.uk

08 NOV 2021

Quid launch date scheduled

QUID token hard launch scheduled for Friday, November 12, 2021. Time to be announced. Follow us on Telegram for the latest information.

01 Nov 2021

Upcoming token launch

QUID’s token launch is scheduled for November 2021. Follow us on Telegram, Discord and Twitter for the most up-to-date announcements regarding the launch date.

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